Western Work Boats | Marine Contractors


Vessel & Work Boat Supply

Western Work Boats has a range of specialist vessels to support the coastal and offshore marine industry in New Zealand and the Pacific.  Our vessels are suitable for marine survey, oceanographic research, patrol boats, vessel towing, marine salvage, hydrographic surveys, seismic survey support, film support and other general offshore vessel operations. We support the oil, gas and energy industries and can provide dive support, survey vessels, work vessels, supply boats, rig support and chase boats.

Patrol & Training

Western Work Boats provides patrol boat, chase boat and training support vessels services to a suit our clients' requirements. 

  • 24/7 Exclusion Zone Patrol
  • Cable & Safety Zone Patrol
  • Marine & Rescue Training Operations


Western Work Boats provides vessels for seismic and hydrographic survey operations and have considerable experience supporting data acquisition surveys as part of maintenance and upkeep of navigational charts for LINZ around coastal New Zealand. 

  • Geophysical & Hydrographic Survey Support
  • Seabed Mapping & Monitoring
  • Seismic Survey Support
  • Water Sampling

Offshore Operations

Western Work Boats has been delivering offshore services for over 15 years around New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific. With an outstanding safety record and experienced crews, we provide support services for ship supply, crew transfer, platform support and other operations.


Western Work Boats are marine contractors providing offshore work boats, crew and services.

  • Auxiliary Equipment & Hire
  • Bio-foul response & Hull Cleaning
  • Deep Water Mooring Service
  • Electronic Surveillance Trials
  • Fast Rescue Craft
  • Film Support
  • Guard Ships & Chase Vessels
  • Harbour Construction & Maintenance
  • Salvage
  • Patrol Work
  • Pipeline Inspections
  • Project Management
  • Research Vessels
  • Rescue Vessels
  • Ship's Cargo Transfers
  • Survey Craft
  • Towing