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Safety First

At Western Work Boats, our number one priority is to protect the health and safety of our employees, clients, contractors, community and environment. We take responsibility for our personal safety and the safety of others while striving for continuous improvements to our procedures that address QHSE.

Western Work Boats' safety management system is designed to be flexible, allowing adjustments for changing conditions and new challenges.  At WWB we seek to learn from other organisations, and will actively incorporate new ideas and methods from supplier and client alike.

Our goal at Western Work Boats is to provide leading marine contracting services where the safety of personnel and the environment is of the highest priority. 

QHSE Management

Western Work Boats' vessels have been IMCA audited since 2007. Our vessels have had various other audits such as London Offshore. 

Western Work Boats has dedicated QHSE management staff to ensure our projects and operations are completed to the highest possible standard by ensuring robust document control, corrective and preventative action process, internal audits and management reviews.  

At Western Work Boats we pride ourselves on the quality and standard of our procedures, solutions and results. 

Health and Safety Manual


Lost Time due to Injury

Days since last LTI: 2,578 Days

* This figure is updated daily.