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Western Work Boats

Marine Contractors

Western Work Boats are marine contractors providing offshore work boats, crew and services. Our vessels are suitable for marine survey, research, patrol, hydrographic survey, seismic support, offshore towage, marine film support, marine salvage and general marine operations.  

Safety Focused, Experienced & Dependable

Western Work Boats are experienced marine and vessel operators and have a proven track record operating through New Zealand and the South Pacific. 

Western Work Boats carry out our operations to the highest quality and safety standards using our fleet of quality vessels operated by experienced personnel.  Our number one priority is to ensure the health and safety of our employees, clients, contractors, community and environment.


Vessel & Work Boat Hire

Western Work Boats provide work boat charter and vessel hire for marine projects, marine survey, research, towing, salvage, dive support, film support and marine construction projects.  We work New Zealand wide and throughout the Pacific.